Principal's Message

Mr.Wajahat Hussain Langah

 I am honorably feeling high in extreme to serve here that a whole generation is in my hand. I feel proud to command them as they are our bright tomorrow.

          I think “the secret in education lies In respecting the students”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Mr.Muhammad Abu Bakar Iqbal Advocate

I strongly desire to prevail such kind of education in the law ground which could not only enlighten our generation towards justices but also other techniques of being a good human in the field of education.

As there are two educations one should teach us how to make a living and other how to live

“John Adams”

It has become my aim to create a good name of my institution “SIR SYED LAW COLLEGE” 

In Shallah I can.

About Us

Sir Syed Law College was established in May 2010. It was affiliated to the Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan in September 2011. The College campus is situated at Garden Town, Multan. The College is run by a private sector non-profit organization. Since its inception, Sir Syed Law College has progressed continuously through obtaining top position in University results, certificate courses and the outstanding performance by our students in international forums. All these achievements have made SLC the premier law college in the country. What makes SLC Programmes special is the breadth of our curriculum, an impressive intellectual community of teachers and scholars heightened by visiting professors as well as constant participation by Bar members. At SLC we provide our students a very personal experience of getting to know their faculty, their Director along with Judges of the superior courts and members of the Bar. Our students are also exposed to eminent scholars from around the country from prestigious institutions and leaders in their areas of expertise. At SLC our goals are very clear. Being the nation’s top and most progressive law college, we intend to ensure that our students are prepared to prevail in the changing legal market.